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Ancestors of Gary Peck

Age Born May 30, 1826 Thorit Peck born in Locke, Cayuga, New York
7 1833 Emigrated to Jackson County, Missouri. Forced out.
1833 To Caldwell County, Missouri. Forced out.
1833 To Nauvoo, Illinois
19 February 1846 Forced out of Nauvoo
20 July 1846 Enlisted in Mormon Battalion as Private
Marched to California
21 June 2, 1847 Appointed Coproral
July 16, 1847 Mustered out at Los Angeles, California
July 20, 1847 Re-enlisted in Los Angeles, California
22 October 28, 1848 Arrived in Salt Lake Valley. Early settler of Pleasant Grove.
Sheriff, Fencing teacher, Lathe turner, Farmer
23 January 1850 Married Anna Young in Salt Lake City
25 August 3, 1851 Wife Anna Young Peck died
January 8, 1852 Married Sarah Young, Anna's sister
1853 Captain of militia in Pleasant Grove
27 September 30, 1853 Son Alma Mattison Peck born
28 November 12, 1854 Son Thorit Randolph Peck born
30 May 10, 1857 Ordained member of the 34th Quorum of Seventies
31 September 15, 1857 Daughter Anna Bircumshaw Peck born
Died February 6, 1858 Died in Pleasant Grove of Bilious Fever
Thorit's grave in Pleasant Grove

  Thorit Peck, son of Warren and Hannah Peck was born in Locke, Cayuga County, New York. He emigrated with his mother to Jackson County, Missouri in the fall of 1833, and a few weeks later the Saints were driven out by the mobs. He moved with the Saints from Missouri to Illinois and, while on the journey from Nauvoo westward, he enlisted in the famed Mormon Battalion Company "C," and marched to California enduring the hardships of that journey. He is listed in "THE MORMON BATTALION" first printed by the Daughters of Utah Pioneers in 1956.
    He arrived in Great Salt Lake Valley in 1848 and later moved to Pleasant Grove where he was one of the first settlers of that community. He was a faithful member of the Church until his death which occurred February 6, 1858.

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Died:    In Pleasant Grove, February 6, 1858 of bilious fever,
                               Thorit Peck, aged 32 years.
   Brother Peck was born in Locke, Cayuga County, New York. He emigrated with his mother to Jackson County, Missouri in the fall of 1833 and a few weeks after, was driven, with his mother, from Jackson to Caldwell County, by a ruthless mob, where he suffered, in conjunction with the Saints, all the mobbings and persecutions that could well be endured.
   He moved with the Saints to the state of Illinois and was again exterminated under the cruel and disgraceful order of Governor Ford and had to seek an asylum in the midst of the uncultivated tribes of the western wilds and, while on this journey, to fill the unjust requirements of the U.S. Government, enlisted in the 'Mormon Battalion' in July and marched to California, enduring all the fatigue and hardships of that long, wearisome campaign, and in return for his services, was discharged unpaid, hundreds of miles from home.
   He arrived in this Territory [Utah] in the year of 1848, was ordained a member of the 34th Quorum of Seventies on the 10th of May, 1857. He leaves a wife and three children.
   Brother Peck was never known to waver in the faith of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He died in full hope of the reward awaiting the faithful. --Communicated.

   THORET PECK (Tyler's list, THORIT PECK) Appointed Corporal June 2, 1847, by Order No. 26. Mustered out with Company July 16, 1847, at Los Angeles, Cal. Re-enlisted in Captain DAVIS' new Company A, at Los Angeles, Cal., July 20, 1847 as Corporal.

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   Thorit Peck, son of Warren Peck and Hannah Mattison of Cayuga county New York. Born May 30, 1826 in Cayuga County. Came to Utah Oct. 28, 1848, contingent Mormon Battalion.
   Married Anna Young January, 1850, Salt Lake City (daughter of James Young and Elizabeth Seely of Ontario, Canada; pioneers 1847, Brigham Young company). She was born Oct. 8, 1834, and died Aug. 3, 1851.
   Married Sarah Young 1852 (daughter of James Young and Elizabeth Seely) who was born Oct. 8, 1834, in Upper Canada, township of Whitby.
   Their children:

  • Alma Mattison b. Sept. 30, 1853, m. Sarah W. Stock Oct. 31, 1871;
  • Thorit Randolph b. Nov. 12, 1854, d. May 28, 1859;
  • Anna B. b. Sept. 15, 1857, m. Frederick O. D. Deakin.

   Family home Pleasant Grove, Utah.  Sheriff of Utah county. Veteran Indian war. Teacher of fencing; lathe turner; farmer. Died at Pleasant Grove.

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   Thorit Peck was the Captain of the militia company in Pleasant Grove, Utah in 1853.

Article about Pioneer Moses Franklin Farnsworth in referencing his participation in 1853 in Captain Thorit Peck's militia in Pleasant Grove, Utah.

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