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Williamsburg Remembered
by Dorothy Kunz Dearden
Transcriptions by Dorothy Dearden of the stories told by Dan Kunz on their visit to Williamsburg, our ancestral home.
I am thrilled to make this available to our family!
Seton Earls of Winton Volume 1 of 3
by Karen Hancock and
Joyce Lee Kunz "Joy" Peck
The Hancock family inherited a trunk with documents, books, diaries, photos, rings and a pedigree chart, along with the traditionary story that they were the descendants of George Seton 5th Earl of Winton who escaped from the Tower of London. They also received the charge that we should prove our lineage to the world and never forget their heritage. Included in this compilation are the images with accompaning transcriptions of 198 separate documents found in the trunk, written from 1709 to 1897 and originally collected with the intent of proving the descendancy of George Seton 5th Earl of Winton.
Seton Earls of Winton Volume 2 of 3
by Karen Hancock and
Joyce Lee Kunz "Joy" Peck
Also found in the trunk of significant interest was a brown book, handwritten, hand stitched and dated Anno Domini 1700. This 160 page manuscript was written in two sections. Both sections have been scanned, transcribed, indexed and included for your researching enjoyment. Volume 2 is the first section which contains the 3rd Tome of the Historical account of the Ancient and Noble Family of Seton Earls of Winton, Anno Domini 1700 by Mr. Richard Augustin Hay Canon Regular of Sainte Genovess of Paris, Prior of Ste Pieremont covering the years 1322-1826.
Seton Earls of Winton Volume 3 of 3
by Karen Hancock and
Joyce Lee Kunz "Joy" Peck
This volume is the second section of the brown book which contains the manuscript titled Seton Earl of Wintoun written by John Philip Wood Esq. Corrector and Reviser of Douglas Peerage of Scotland covering the years 1104-1775 with references to Foedera, Register of the Great Seal of Scotland (Reg. Mag. Sig.), Dalrymple's Annals, Robertson's Index and many Charters.
Robert Kunz Autobiography
Oneal Rudger Kunz Autobiography and Biography
John Kunz II descendants
by Phillip R. Kunz
Includes the descendants up until it's printing in 1985
The Gospel to the Kunz Family
Willard Kunz's copy
Morris Kunz journal
Willard Brigham Richards
by Barbara Eriksen Cromar
History of Bern
1978 European Tour
by June Bateman Black
Provided by Dianne Steckler Rosi-koskinen
Compiler currently unknown
Robert Kunz & Caroline Eschler
by DeVirl Alvin "Bud" Kunz
Mary Schmid and Johnny Kunz
by DeVirl Alvin "Bud" Kunz
William Knox
Ardys Kunz "Ardie" Raddatz
Pease and Plenty
Dianne Steckler Rasi-Koskinen
Memoirs of DeVirl Alvin "Bud" Kunz
Transcribed by Dorothy Kunz Dearden
December 1994
1874 Family Bible
of Hester Jarvis Seaman

Transcribed by Joyce Lee Kunz "Joy" Peck
Loyal J. Martin's Autobiography
by Loyal J. Martin
Transcribed by Joyce Lee Kunz "Joy" Peck
John Uhlrich Stucki Journal
John Kunz III Mission Journal
by John Kunz III.
Prepared by Phillip R. Kunz

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