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Family History Treasures

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Century Time Lapse of the Home at the Williamsburg Lower Dairy

In 2014, Gary took this first photo of the home at the Lower Dairy. I merged the
photo with the 1913 photo of the Johnny Kunz and Mary Schmid family.
To view it again you have to refresh the webpage on the url bar.

     Back Row left to right
Hired man
Amy Matilda “Mamie” Kunz [Kunz] (1897-1980)
2 Hired girls
Johnny Kunz IV (1869-1945)
Mary Schmid Kunz (1873-1920)
holding Bernice Kunz (1913-1914)
     Front row
Leslie Amasa Kunz (1910-1981)
Vera Evangeline Kunz [Pugmire Knutti] (1911-2001)
Denzil Aroit Kunz (1909-1993)
Delphin Karl Kunz (1907-1927)
Ireva Amilia “Dolly” Kunz [Mattson] (1904-1977)
Rulon Seldon “Dude” Kunz (1903-1966)
Rhoda Lavina Kunz [Clark] (1901-1976)
John S. Kunz (1899-1977)

1913 Johnny Kunz and Mary Schmid family
at the Lower Dairy in Williamsburg

You can find your ancestors too. is a free site which provides valuable family history information. is another wonderful family history site that is extremely useful.

While expressing my feelings of wonder and awe at the technological advances in family history, I exclaimed,
"This feels like millennium stuff. Are we sure we're not already in the Millennium?"
The young man helping me replied,
"It's the light of Christ."
He further shared the quote:
"When Satan is bound in a single life, the Millennium has already begun in that life."
(from The Teachings of Spencer W. Kimball, 172)

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